Saturday, October 23, 2021

Shedcast 39 - A Walk on the Wild Side (Crete in October - 2021)

 Hi Everyone,

Well, this is definitely a different Shedcast, but David and I made a very quick decision to take a trip to Vrahassi, Crete, where we used to live (19 years). So here is a little video I made. As you will see, our house was up the mountain, at the top of the village, and although it is in a beautiful location, it takes some stamina to walk up and down, even for mountain walkers like us. Below the video you will find more pictures from out visit. We had a great time, meeting old friends. 

So, here is my video, in place of the regular Shedcast, which should be back next week, enjoy:

And the photos:

It was 10 days of fun! We travelled Jet2 from Leeds Bradford Airport, which was so easy, the hard work was getting the right paperwork for Covid19 travellers, and the day2 test when we got back, but it was more inconvenience than a problem. It was great to be back in Vrahassi for a while, it is certainly another world. Now we are home with more wonderful memories to look back on.

See you all next week,
Hope you are keeping well, and warm,
Love from Jane and David xx

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